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I don’t just design what looks pretty, but I design what makes your company more valuable.


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Nice to meet you! I’m Tina Woods, a graphic communication designer from Utah.  A passion for gardening and a love for Mastiffs. I studied Web Design at the Art Institute, and Graphic Design at CSI. I’m a former business owner with over 20 years of retail management experience.  I do freelance work for clients on a regular basis. At the end of the day I am nothing more than a Design Enthusiast.

I have had the privilege of working as a designer for reputable organizations such as The Mastiff Club of America, The Tower Magazine, The Idaho School for the Deaf and Blind Foundation, and many more. 

I have a great passion for design and put full dedication towards everything I do, ensuring I produce the best possible outcome. I have a proficiency in working in professional environments, yet I am always keen to expand and seek out more opportunities to help improve my abilities and develop further as a designer. Furthermore, I carry excellent observation skills, in addition to being highly motivated, punctual and reliable. 

My specialties include, Animation, Branding, Crafts, Creative Direction, Illustration, Photography, Photoshop, Typography, Video Editing, and a passion for Web Design (UI/UX), 

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